Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nameste: Day 2

I feel pretty positive about today.

Mental Health: Good - stayed very busy cleaning my room and doing laundry. A neat living quarters makes for neat brains.
Diet: Good?* Almost great.
Exercise: Very Good - An hour of beginners yoga this morning and a bike ride to and from work (4 miles?).
Alcohol: Zero
Cigs: Zero
Soda: Zero (Though so tempted. Darn guns at work make it so easy)
Facebook Stalking: Zero

*For breakfast I had one packet of instant oatmeal and half a glass of OJ, one teaspoon of peanut butter for snack and a large spinach salad with grilled chicken (with ranch and cheese. Bad!... and a little bread. I'm only human!). Work is the hardest. I knew it would be. Junk food is so accessible. But I kept the munching to a minimum. I reached for carrots and cucs most, but I did sneak two fries, one chip, a tablespoon of chocolate ice cream and one oreo.

So here's my question. I have no idea how many calories this is! Believe it or not, my diet has improved ten fold already. I literally ate cookies for breakfast, lunch and burgers for dinner. So what's your guess? Am I burning enough calories to lose weight?


  1. Yeah, I think you're definitely eating the right amount of calories. A bite of junk here and there is NOTHING compared to eating whole meals of junk. Drinking tons of water helps you feel full, too.

  2. I use an app on my iPhone called Lose It... it's free. It has a built in database of food & even restaurant food. But there are a few websites that are good for that as well. Try or Calorie count - they both do about the same thing. You can input your activity level, exercise, food you eat, all that stuff and it'll show you how much your burning vs. consuming.

    And yeah, allow yourself goodies and lots and lots of water!

  3. I think if you eat better like you have been you shouldnt worry about it. just leads to stress and agrevation.