Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1. Day 1.

My first day! Not bad.

Thank you guys so much for your comments and offered help. It feels so wonderful to know I have such amazing friends. I already feel so positive and motivated. I can't let you all down!

Mental Health: Great (Long day with my girls.)
Diet: Fair*
Exercise: Good (walked a mile, ran maybe half mile. good starter I think.)
Alcohol: Zero
Cigarettes: Zero
Soda: Zero
Facebook stalking: Zero (it was becoming unhealthy)

I took my before photos today. It hurt. It really did. Pretty sure I'm going to re-take them.... brb.

*Diet: Didn't eat until noon and that was a chocolate oat cookie thing at Lamp Lighter (I know, I know), I had two of Mary's nachos at the movie, and dinner at Stronghill which was only half a spinach salad and two bites of a fried something. Not healthy in the least, but at least I didn't consume too many calories? Eh... I'll be better tomorrow. I went to the grocery sto'.


  1. YOU have totally motivated me!! you're off to a great start! our days were about the same. I exercised some and didn't eat all that great, but didn't consume a ridiculous amount of calories. Free pastries from Starbucks? How could I say no?? But I really don't want to take "before" pictures... bleh.

  2. Dont forget to eat breakfast. I never had before and now i at least eat something, and if you are going to be walking/running in the morning you'll need it. make ya feel better. besides i've always heard its best to eat many small meals a day instead of a couple of large ones.